Beginner's Guide to Celtic

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BGT Celtic traces the history of Celtic music featuring the key acts from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man, Brittany & Cornwall. Compiled by Mary Ann Kennedy, the presenter of BBC Radio Scotland's Global Gathering, BBC Radio 3's World on 3 & twice winner of the International Celtic Harp competition in Lorient, Brittany. CD1 features the icons of Celtic music - the original sparks that set the Celtic world aflame, CD2 the brightest burning contemporary acts, classic artists and major names reasserting their roots, whilst the Celtic beacons of CD3 beam out across the world, mixing influences, breaking down boundaries and crossing borders. Featuring material from respected labels such as Vertical, Gael-Linn, Temple, Real World & Keltia Musique this compilation represents the broadest possible side to Celtic music and in Mary Ann's own words will "reclaim the territory from all that Celtic pish". .

  • All Celtic Music 241d ago

    43 tracks on 3 CDs featuring a host of top 'Celtic music' acts, it's definitely 'an uncle Tom Cobbly an' all' kind of release (though Tom Cobbly was English!!). Kicks of with Dolores Keane and end with Bagad Kemper, so you get the scale of things. What's missing? At this price, who cares. A bargain buy!!!

  • Uncut 712d ago

    There's nothing like a good Irish tune to make you come over all misty-eyed... (a) mega-compilation put together by Mary Ann Kennedy.

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