Produced by Nick Turner

COVER is the new LP from Scottish HIP HOP Pioneer Brian Jamieson. The LP is a story set in the fictional notorious Glasgow housing scheme ‘Hainehill’, and follows the trials and tribulations of the main character, Sean McManaman, voiced by Brian. McManaman must go through life disfigured by a terrible facial scar, with resulting judgement and prejudice from all corners. Sean’s life spirals into a complete chaos of vice - gambling, alcohol, drug addiction and unprotected sex. The album follows his journey on a road to near impossible redemption in a typical Glasgow housing scheme plagued by social deprivation.

  • Released by: Watercolour
  • Release date: 13 October 2016
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15 songs • duration: 57:23
  • 1. Sean's Lament (feat. Nick Turner) 1:29
    • 2. Sociopath Wardance 2:08
      • 3. Water Under a Burning Bridge 3:33
        • 4. The Fantastic Adventures of Iceberg Grim 3:52
          • 5. Playpen of Mayhem (Welcome to Hainehill) 3:33
            • 6. Clock In / Clock Out 3:12
              • 7. Rage Against the Fruit Machine 4:19
                • 8. Behind Every Bad Man There's a Good Woman 5:32
                  • 9. Paint the Town Red (With Your Blood) 2:49
                    • 10. Baltic Revenga 4:00
                      • 11. Psychiatrist Meets Nihilist 4:23
                        • 12. Cover 4:04
                          • 13. Redemption? 3:24
                            • 14. Sean's Away 2:22
  • Stephen Butchard 87d ago

    Brian Jamieson used to be called Damaged Goodz. Damaged. Goodz. With a Z. The dropping of such an amazing moniker is a bummer, without a doubt, but a quick google search proves the name to be a popular one – ‘z’ and all – so maybe the rebranding was a good move. Whether it’s as Damaged Goodz or his regular old Christian name, Jamieson is an artist that deserves attention. He’s been an unsung hero of Scotland’s underground hip-hip scene for years now, his dense bars, clever punchlines and barked delivery typifying the giddy spirit of a battle-centric movement. What the change in moniker does highlight, though, is a move to more mature, personal avenues, something wholly explored on his latest release, ‘Cover’..

  • Margaret 21d ago

    Brian first imagined the story at the heart of Cover as a film. But it also has bags of potential as a dramatic musical theatre piece. Just add backdrops, surtitles to follow the fire and wit of the lyrics more easily, more artists to voice the characters and maybe a full orchestra to recreate Nick Turner’s music. The potential to film that performance – and the story of the run-up to it – is also massive. And down the line, Brian may even get his dearest wish, that Peter Mullan directs the film of the story, starring Tommy Flanagan, the Scottish actor Brian had in mind as Sean since the story came to him. As a live experience Cover inspires those big dreams and deserves the biggest audience..