Produced by Mary Ann Kennedy and Nick Turner

You can take the girl out of Glasgow, but never Glasgow out of the girl, and in the spirit of Gaels eternal need to sing about home, this is my Gaelic love-song for the city in all its guises – the voices of arrivals in search of a new life and of those, like me, born and bred there with Gaelic as our first language.

  • Released by: ARC Music
  • Release date: 28 April 2019



16 songs • duration: 52:33
  • 1. Camanachd Ghlaschu (The Glasgow Shinty) M. MacPherson, M.A. Kennedy 3.58
    • 2. Òran don ‘Clutha’ (Song for the ‘Clutha’) J. MacFadyen, J. MacLachlan arr. M.A. Kennedy & The Wiyos 5.01
      • 3. ‘Orange Parade’ an Glaschu (Orange Parade in Glasgow) D. Thomson 1.11
        • 4. Margadh an t-Salainn (Song of the Saltmarket) J. MacFadyen arr. M.A. Kennedy 5.01
          • 5. Mother Glasgow M. Marra arr. M.A. Kennedy & F. Wells 3.04
            • 6. Sràid Sauchiehall, Madainn Dihaoine D. Thomson 1.05
              • 7. When I Came to Glasgow First W. Marshall arr. M.A. Kennedy 3.17
                • 8. Sauchiehall Street, Friday Morning D. Thomson 1.01
                  • 9. Òran do Ghlaschu (Song for Glasgow) D. MacPherson arr. M.A. Kennedy & F. Wells 6.13
                    • 10. Sràid Bhochanan (Buchanan Street) D. Thomson 1.34
                      • 11. Stoirm air a’ Bhroomielaw (Storm on the Broomielaw) J. MacFadyen arr. M.A. Kennedy 3.43
                      • 12. Horo tha Mi fo Smalan Dheth (Statues, a Goose, and the Morning After) J. MacFadyen arr. M.A. Kennedy 4.40 3.17
                        • 13. Talla a’ Bhaile (City Chambers) D. Thomson 0.53
                          • 14. Pàraig nan Dealbh (Peter the Picture) W. Livingstone arr. M.A. Kennedy & The Wiyos 5.38
                            • 15. Glaschu Rocach (Glasgow wrinkled) D. Thomson 1.23
                              • 16. Soraidh Leibh is Oidhche Mhath Leibh (Goodnight and Farewell) J. MacFadyen arr. M.A. Kennedy 5.39
  • The Herald 65d ago

    It is her delivery of the lyrics of others... that really shine." The Herald.

  • Folk Radio Uk 120d ago

    Worth the wait, it's a gem of an album.