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01. Camanachd Ghlaschu
02. Oran don Clutha
03. Orange Parade an Glaschu
04. Margadh an tSalainn

I grew up in the southside of Glasgow, in a city rich in languages and cultures, and as part of Scottish Gaels’ biggest urban diaspora. It was something of a strange and wonderful upbringing for me and my sister, feeling part of a big community but at the same time – in terms of peers at least – sometimes feeling like the only Gaels in the village. Things change, and it’s a joy to see today at the bottom of the street where I grew up, one of Glasgow’s three Gaelic schools.

You can take the girl out of Glasgow, but never Glasgow out of the girl, and in the spirit of Gaels eternal need to sing about home, this is my Gaelic love-song for the city in all its guises – the voices of arrivals in search of a new life and of those, like me, born and bred there with Gaelic as our first language.