New Film

Cover Productions

Brian Jamieson,Robert Hunter and  Nick Turner

Wooden Desk

Forthcoming Film based on the original CD

COVER is the name of the forthcoming debut film from Scottish HIP HOP Pioner  Brian Jamieson. The film, like the original record upon which the story set, takes place in a the fictional notorious housing scheme ‘Hainehill’, and follows the trials and tribulations of the facially disfigured main character, Sean McManaman.

The film will  follow his journey on a road to near impossible redemption in a typical tough housing scheme plagued by social deprivation.

Working with long time associates Robert Hunter and Nick Turner, the film will feature music from the LP produced by NICK TURNER from the award-winning Watercolour Music studios, with a multi-genre approach moving seamlessly from Ballad to Heavy Metal, Jazz and Funk to Grime, Hip Hop to Dance, and Acoustic and Blues to Drum & Bass. Brian’s originsal vision was always for the album vibe to be like a movie soundtrack rather than a conventional LP. Looks likje it is finally going to be realised.

The Cast

The Cd Cast

BRIAN JAMIESON who plays Sean McManaman

NATALIE LYNCH who plays Sean's mother

JILLIAN ANDERSON who plays Sean's ex-girlfriend

EMILY MOORE who plays Sean's estranged child

MARY ANN KENNEDY who plays Sean's boss

MC BUTTERSCOTCH who plays a disgruntled cashier in a casino

CLAIRE CAMPBELL who plays Sean's new girlfriend

MARK LAWRIE who plays Sean's enemy

NICK TURNER who plays Sean's psychiatrist