‘Soisgeul’ (the Gaelic for ‘gospel’) is a brand-new gathering of choristers and other singers from all corners of Scotland and beyond, who started out as a response to a TV challenge and ended up as one of the brave new voices of modern Gaelic song.

Gaelic choirs have only been around for a little over 120 years, but for such a young tradition, it’s had a huge influence on the culture through the 20th Century - good and bad! The last 30 years especially however have seen a blossoming of this music to become one of the most adventurous and forward-thinking corners of Gaelic culture today.

‘Soisgeul’ is directed by Mary Ann Kennedy, an award-winning conductor with her own choir, and who is very much a part of the new wave in Gaelic choral music.  Her choral adventures have brought her a Saltire Award for her reimagining of the Gaelic psalms in Lasair Dhèand a commission for the 1st New Music Biennial at the Commonwealth Games in 2015 - Aiseag.

The choir’s approach to a cappella choral music blends classic gospel with mountainy influences, the most revered of Gaelic roots and the classical choral world. Down in the River meets ‘French’ (the classic choral interpretation of traditional Gaelic psalm-singing), Leaning in the Everlasting Arms meets St Columba – all in the hands of some of Scotland’s finest choristers. Above all, the ethos of the choir is open and inclusive, sparking off the huge energy of a gathering of singers together for the joy of singing. 

If you’re interested in being a part of this exciting new venture, get in touch!



Soisgeul - Sìneadh-Laoidh Chalum Cille